Creative Director

Do you have a creative dream? Can you lead the team of artists and writers? This role of a creative director is to lead the creative team, creating compelling and extraordinary copy, and developing branding campaign ideas. Working very closely with creative writers, artists, monitoring their creativity, planning and strategizing for business with marketing team are the responsibilities of the creative director. He/she should also take care of handling the clients queries and fulfil their needs and have proper knowledge to present advertising and branding ideas.


Extraordinary creative skills in generating new ideas for advertising, branding campaigns. The creative director should create instant powerful copy with no errors and that should have selling capacity.

Analytical Skills: Advertising and marketing business is taking new dimension every day the creative director should be able to analyse the market pulse and business trends.

Decision-Making Skills: Advertising campaigns have stiff deadlines; creative directors should analytical abilities to fix the time for all creative, artwork for print, electronic and digital media.

Interpersonal Skills: the creative director should also have excellent interpersonal skills to deliberate, communicate and present the creative ideas, thoughts and opinions.

Position: Creative Director

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Employment Type

6 years or above


Graduate or above


Best in the industry