Importance of a Logo in Branding

Importance of a Logo in Branding

One of the most vital aspects that go into building the brand is its founding principles, from which stems the creation of the Logo. A logo is an integral part of the brand or a company, whose visual representation stands for what the brand represents. A well-made logo is what remains in the minds of the consumers for the rest of their lives, a long-term marketing strategy that will always set you apart from the competition in the market.

A logo is an abstract or a figurative design that is made up of texts, symbols, and images which is put together to make it look like a graphic mark or symbol. So why should creating a logo be given top priority? To answer that question, let us understand why a Logo is important for a brand.

Why is a Logo important for a Brand?  

  • It represents the brand as the main visual design creating a sense of standardization
  • It conveys the ideology of the brands and speaks to consumers immediately which a lot of brands don’t do
  • It sets your brand apart in a competitive market where your brand can be identified and increases recognition
  • It helps build a consumer base faster as people are more likely to notice your brand through the logo and remember it for life.

Now that you know why it is important to have a Logo for your brand, it is essential to keep the following factors in mind while creating a logo.

Vital Elements that make an effective Logo:

  • Color of the Logo: 

The most important element which will convey the idea and the emotion of the logo is the colors used in the logo. It is very important to sit with a professional designer who understands the values of the brand and the correlation of colors and emotions which he/she will help translate through the color scheme of the logo.

  •  Font of the Logo:

If text is going to be a part of the design elements of the logo then adding the right font that will be the correct readable size and style should be well thought and researched into

  • Image of the Logo:

Making a logo, it is essential to keep it as simple as possible. Limiting the color range, the usage of text and most importantly an image, if it is being used should be used appropriately to convey what it needs to or else it can make the logo look too heavy on elements.

  • The tagline of the Logo:

It is an element of the logo which helps connect your brand to the consumer. Taglines have to be short and catchy, as it will increase your brand’s recall rate.

Apart from the factors that contribute to making a good logo, some tips should always be kept in mind while creating a logo:

  • Make sure the company’s name is clear and readable while designing the logo
  • Give your best effort to convey the logo in the most creative manner because it is that which will represent your brand
  • Choose the right shapes, sizes, elements and color schemes which will help communicate your brand message
  • Create a logo that is easily understandable and which looks good on all the mediums it will be placed on.

Lastly, the logo being your brand’s ultimate visual representation, it should be used in:

  • All brand communications
  • Newsletters
  • Brand advertisements
  • Business Presentations
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Product Packaging

Most people think of a logo as just an image, but it is a creative creation of the brand that draws all your potential consumers to your brand. It is the brand’s image when done right it will live in the minds of consumers for the rest of their lives.